A Limerick Wedding | Denise & Travis

Thanks to my dear friend April for asking me to be the second photographer for Denise & Travis’s June wedding near Limerick PA. April and I have known each other since high school and I just love how we both went into photography after our weddings. =) Anywho, Denise and Travis opted for their first look at Pennypacker Mills and it was such a great moment for the bride and groom to have a little bit of alone time before the rest of the wedding day unfolded. Funny story before Denise arrived, Travis and I scouted the area for the first look and we ran across a dead bird. I, of course, being somewhat of a “city” girl was startled seeing it whereas Travis, being the gentleman that he was just took it, and chucked it aside. That sort of thing didn’t faze him growing up on a farm so thanks Travis! What a hero! =D

I think it’s safe to say that this was the only thing the groomsmen had to do for the day =P

What a gorgeous couple they are! We walked back to the car afterwards and headed straight for the ceremony at Grace Lutheran Church. On a side note, FYI for those photographers out there who’s looking into purchasing a Kelly Moore bag – you won’t be sorry! Before the first look location, I stopped off at a Wawa nearby to get a big bottle of water to carry with me throughout the day. Well, I forgot about it in the car and then realized when I got back that the water bottle probably got hot from being inside my car. Typically you want to avoid drinking from a plastic bottle that’s been sitting in your car stewing from the hot sun, because the chemicals from the plastic could seep into your water. I didn’t really believe this if I didn’t experience this first hand from getting sick after drinking from a bottle that was in hubby’s car for at least a week or two. Anywho, when I got into my car, the water bottle was still cold, because I had placed it inside my Kelly Moore bag. That totally put my mind at ease knowing that if the bag kept my water bottle cold, it will definitely keep your camera equipment safe as well! If I had thought that this was just a typical bag before, this incidence had changed my mind completely! Thanks Kelly Moore! I had purchased mine during the WPPI conference in Vegas which was discounted and I didn’t have to pay for shipping – awesome.

Ok, now that I’ve digressed enough – back to the wedding!
This shot shows so much love between daughter and father
And this just confirms it – what a poignant moment shared between the two

What a fun wedding and thank you so much for having me there April!

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